Are you colorblind?

I’ve always felt sorry for people who are colorblind.  It seems, though, that it’s so easy to take something like color for granted.  This video is a little long, but powerful.  I’m challenged to notice and appreciate ALL the “little things” that get taken for granted but bless our lives so greatly: a hug, laughter, really good chocolate, your favorite song on the radio, windshield wiper fluid, remote controls, caller ID . . . God.

Think about it.


About Thoughts by Sallie

I am a missionary kid who grew up in Mexico. I have 2 first languages. The two most amazing places that I have seen stars are in the Amazon rain forest and at the Sea of Galilee. I have moved 34 times in my life. I think that working with at-risk foster kids for 5 1/2 years is a greater accomplishment than earning a master's degree. My most favorite meal is popcorn, apples, and cheese. I am happiest when I am being hugged by a child. Jesus is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? My life's dream is to help children become more than they could ever imagine. I have Attention-Deficit Disorder, and I take medicine every day that helps me to think straight; it's not a cure, but it sure does help. I get lonely and feel very isolated sometimes. I love nostalgia. I HATE shallowness. I love taking pictures of windows. I am most proud when I see my friends grow and accomplish new things. I am most motivated by my love for and commitment to others. I am overflowing with thoughts. I am an ellipses. I am Rasha.

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  1. Your dad is painting the bedroom, so things are a little out of order. This morning when I lifted my head off of the pillow the first thing I noticed through the uncurtained window, were the intense pink and purple swaths in the sky, put there by God at sunrise. “He has given us all things to enjoy…”



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